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How it works

So what is Action Power Hour ... actually?

Action Power Hour is an online community who get down to action.

But what does that look like in practice?

Here’s an unedited screenshot from Action Power Hour.

What is the little ‘tomato’ icon? It represents a pomodoro, which is a nickname for a “25 minutes timeframe”. (Pomodoro is Italian for tomato)

Action Power Hour screenshot

As you can see, it’s a Distraction-Free Zone.
No side-talk, no social chit-chat, just focusing on our individual tasks.

There’s also no direct commenting on others posts. No “well done” or “hang in there” or “you can do it”. If we want to send encouragement or congrats, we simply use an emoji (like the yellow ‘thumbs-up’ above). Short’n’sweet acknowledgement that allows us to focus on our own task.


Action Power Hour has been described as a “gym” where you do short “work-outs” on your To-Do list.

Rather than having to motivate yourself to “put on your sneakers” and exercise solo, it’s easier knowing that your “gym buddies” are waiting for you at the gym.

PS. It feels good to get stuff done in the company of others.

Together is better

Our Partners

These online businesses have partnered with Action Power Hour to go the extra inch for their clients — taking their online courses and communities to another level. More accountability! More engagement! More satisfaction!

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