What are you procrastinating on?

How much progress could you make by taking consistent daily action for 1 hour a day for 30 days?

Action Power Hour can help!

Combining the power of positive peer pressure + the power of focus = 60 minutes of action-taking.

There are two ways to use Action Power Hour, depending on how hardcore you want to be.

The HARDCORE approach involves the 30 Day Action Power Hour Challenge. Commit to ONE High Value Action (such as writing blogs, or applying for jobs, or writing on a passion project) and choose ONE timeslot (eg 9-10am weekdays). Tell us your commitment. Then dedicate your Power Hour to this ONE task. Be amazed with how much progress you can make in 30 days.

The LESS HARDCORE (but still very effective) approach is to use Action Power Hour as a drop-in centre, when you need a kick to stop procrastinating and start taking action. Notice yourself getting distracted by social media when you really should be writing that report? Notice yourself putting off your taxes again and again? Come along to Action Power Hour and take 60 minutes of action. If 60 minutes feels too big, try 15 minutes. Or 5 minutes.

$30 for 30 days of Action Power Hour. It’s available 24/7. Most action happens 9-10am weekdays, Sydney time.


Guarantee: Action Power Hour works if you work it! It’s not magic … you can’t just sign up and not put in the effort. But the effort required is small. The biggest step is from 0 to 1. Turn up, type your first 15 minute task. Let the power of the “audience effect” kick you into gear.

If you turn up on 4 separate days within the first week, and you don’t feel you’re making progress, then I’ll happily refund you. But you need to turn up.