Action Power Hour uses positive peer pressure + clear timeframes to help you stop procrastinating and get the important stuff done.

With an Action Power Hour membership, you can join in as many Action Power Hour events as you like.

Below is the calendar showing upcoming Power Hour events, based on Sydney time. Convert your local time.

There are 3 types of Action Power Hours:

Weekly Power Hours

Weekly Power Hours are the “important-but-usually-not-urgent tasks” that business owners (in particular) need to do but tend to procrastinate on:

  • Finance Power Hour (tracking income and expenses, reconciling, and of course, the dreaded yearly tax return — even if you have a bookkeeper or accountant, then you still need to gather receipts etc and send them the info they need and that’s where Finance Power Hour can help).
  • Blogging Power Hour (or other web-based writing including updating webcopy)
  • Sales Power Hour (reaching out to prospects, following up leads)

Coming soon:

  • Inbox Power Hour (self-explanatory … get email fit!)
  • Marketing Power Hour (social media getting testimonials, updating LinkedIn profile or CV)


Monthly Power Hours

Monthly Goal Setting Power Hours allow you to step back from the busy-ness of life and Reflect, Celebrate and Plan.

Take a birds-eye view of your life and your business and get clarity to move forward.

All-Day Action Time

Open 24/7, the #action_power_hour channel can be used for taking action on all things business or beyond, such as:

  • need to pack your suitcase before a big holiday?
  • need to declutter your office (or the kitchen drawer)?
  • need to knuckle down and write a 30 page report?

Although you can’t see it on the calendar (because it looks cluttered and confusing), it’s there! Action Power Hour has your back, 24/7.



  1. I really want to join one of the Weekly/Monthly Power Hours but can’t make it at the advertised time. What can I do?

No worries. You can still join in even if you’re not available at that time. You’ll get access to each channel so you can see what others wrote (and get motivated), and you can also type in your actions too (which will be read when the next person comes along, so your efforts will be ‘seen’). Indirect positive peer pressure. It still works!

2. I want to sign up! Where can I do that?

Click here.