The Action Power Hour community is made up of people making a positive impact in their corner of the world. What bonds us is our desire to not just talk about doing stuff, but actually do it.

These blogpost interviews with Action Power Hour members aim to:

  • Showcase the projects and changemaking work of our community members 
  • Give a sneak-peek into the private online chatroom we use (including real-life screenshots of action posts) … this is particularly helpful if you’re still wondering “Um, so what actually is Action Power Hour?”

>> Case study 001: Gretha Oost

Creative director of the O Initiative


Read more about Gretha’s efforts to reduce plastic bottle consumption (and see her other action posts)


>> Case Study 002: Keren Natalia

Founder of Beyond Latte


Read more about Keren’s launch of her non-caffeinated latte alternative (and see her other action posts)