Day 1 of Job Hunt Challenge: Measured Vulnerability

There’s an unwritten rule.

That we shouldn’t admit any vulnerability.

That we should put our best faces forward at all times.

That we should pretend that everything is 100% ok, and that everything is under control.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we should get TOO personal, or use blogs as an emotional dumping ground. Not at all.

I’m talking about ‘measured vulnerability’.

To push the boundaries and take a risk.

To not pretend everything is perfect.

To weigh up the risks, to take a deep breath, and then step out.

“Do one thing every day that frightens you”.

That’s my definition of measured vulnerability.

And so today I’m taking a step of measured vulnerability. I’m starting a 30 Day Challenge of posting about my daily Job Hunting efforts.

Why? One thing I’ve learned in the 8 years of being a time management coach is the power of daily, consistent action. And having some level of accountability helps — the more public the accountability, the more likely we are to implement it.

My Commitment

For the next 30 days*, I’ll be posting a daily recap of what I get up to on the job hunting front.

* I’ll take at least one day of the weekends off. While I’m committed to job hunting, I’m equally committed to my self-care and sanity.

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