What time is Daily Action Power Hour on?

The best time to catch others online is 9am (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Some people log in at 9am and use it for an hour and then log off. Others start the day with a Power Hour and then hang around, on and off, throughout the work day.

If that time doesn’t work for you, remember that Action Power Hour is open 24/7 so you can drop in anytime. Even if you’re there alone, the “audience effect” still works … somebody will read it later on.


What sort of tasks can I use Action Power Hour for?

Action Power Hour can be used for both urgent and important-but-non-urgent projects. Its true magic happens when you carve out time for something non-urgent … in other words, the long-term goals that you keep putting off.

People typically use Action Power Hour for work-related tasks:

  • writing tasks (webcopy, reports, proposals, blogs, creative writing)
  • researching and reading (internet articles, books, journals)
  • financial tasks (entering receipts, doing BAS statements, tax return)

And occasionally for non-work stuff too (that’s ok):

  • packing suitcase for a trip away
  • decluttering (the office, the kitchen bench)
  • cleaning up the kitchen


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