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Closure. You know how important it is to let go of the old to make way for the new.

You also know that jotting down a few New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t quite cut it when planning for the year ahead.

Yet, despite having awareness and good intentions to do an End-of-Year review and to plan for next year, many people struggle to actually do it. Do any of these ring true for you?

Scenario 1:

You might write “Complete my yearly review” in your calendar for 31 Jan. But the 31st arrives and you keep putting it off. It feels too hard. Too big. And anyway, it’s the holidays. There’s New Years Eve to prepare for. So you tell yourself you’ll do it next Monday. But then Monday rolls round and it feels too late because it’s the new year already …

Scenario 2:

You’re determined to do it, but you need some guidance. You read a blogpost online or download an eCourse. It’s got questions and writing prompts. Excellent! You’ve got structure. You start with lots of gusto. You’re doing great! But halfway through you get distracted. So you leave it for an hour, to return to it when you’re “in the mood”, but your motivation doesn’t return, and you feel guilty.

Scenario 3:

You don’t want to just read something online or watch a video. You want the accountability of having other people online at the same time (even if you can’t see them). So you sign up for a webinar. The facilitator gives you the instructions. You start writing. Halfway through your answer, they move onto the next question. “Hold on!” you think to yourself. “I’m not finished yet”. As they go through the next question, you console yourself with the thought that you can always watch the webinar replay later. You finish the webinar with half-written notes and a heavy heart … there were so many questions and you feel overwhelmed. You wish that it were simpler and that they was more time.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

Don’t just think about it.

Let’s do it. Together.


How to do an End-of-Year Review (so that you actually finish it)?

There are 3 things that you need:

  1. Instructions that are clear and structured, but flexible enough to suit your circumstances and style
  2. Accountability to actually get started … and finished
  3. The ability to pace yourself — to press pause — so you can go deeper if needed

What this looks like in reality?

  1. Mind-mapping helps the right side of the brain to process and integrate information
  2. A live community to keep you motivated (that’s a Distraction Free Zone … so we’re definitely NOT using Facebook groups — have you ever tried to stay focused with all those red circle notifications begging you for your attention?)
  3. A webinar with more silence than talking (so you have plenty of time to reflect and write)

“Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017” is different

Using a tried-and-tested formula, this webinar consists of two parts:

part-1-goodbye-2016-4-1Part 1: Goodbye 2016

Bid farewell to 2016 in a grounded way. No need to freak out or feel overwhelmed.

You’ll create a mega-mindmap that will allow you to
(1) capture the important things that happened in the past year – in your work and in your personal life  and
(2)  make connections and find the positives.

(Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry, I’ll show you step-by-step how to find the good stuff).

We finish this section by sharing our micro-successes out loud (by typing them into a chatbox). This is optional. It’s a great chance to feel seen and also to see what others got up to as well.

The “Goodbye” part of the webinar helps you:

  • Get closure on the ups and downs of the year that’s just been
  • See the big picture overview that you’re craving
  • Make connections between different parts of your work and life
  • Share your micro-successes with the group (optional)
  • Shift out of “left brain” thinking and

part-1-goodbye-2016-5-1Part 2: Hello 2017

Welcome 2017 with open arms! During this section, you’ll create a mindmap for the year ahead. You’ll brainstorm your next-step actions (in other words, get all the things that are floating around in your head onto paper).

The “Hello” part of the webinar helps you:

  • Assess opportunities across different areas of your life (work, relationships, health, hobbies)
  • Create next year’s plan from the inside-out
  • Align your actions with how you want to show up in your life next year
  • Decide which actions will have the most impact
  • Commit out loud to your next-step actions you’ll be taking to move yourself forward



Goodbye 2016 + Hello 2017

Webinar + live chatroom

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part-1-goodbye-2016-3-1Bonus: free access to Action Power Hour for 1 month (valued $39)

It’s one thing to have a plan … and another to actually implement it.

Research show it takes between 14 and 66 days to get a new habit solid. So, if you want to create a new habit in the new year or start working on a new goal, the most crucial month is January.

When you sign up for the webinar, you’ll get 1 month access to Action Power Hour to take you through until 31 January 2017.

What is Action Power Hour?

Action Power Hour is an online community of action-takers and changemakers. We use an online chatroom to get focused on micro-actions (eg “Next 15 minutes, write 2 paragraphs of blog”) and then we go action them!

Action Power Hour is open 24/7 so you can take action whenever you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed (eg packing your suitcase before going on holiday; writing a blogpost; making a scary phonecall to a client, etc)

In addition to the main #action_power_hour channel, we also have dedicated Power Hours to work on certain topics:


Immediately after Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017, you’ll get access to Action Power Hour. Many of us will be using the hour immediately afterwards for a #monthly_planning_power_hour so that you take your big-picture plans and create actionable steps for the first month.


part-1-goodbye-2016-6BONUS #2: Q&A Your “Time Management” Questions answered

Got a question about Time Management that you’ve always wanted answered? Here’s your chance.

For 1 hour after the live webinar, I’ll be available to answer questions in the chatroom. I usually charge $220 for a 90 minute coaching session. It’s rare that I run a Q&A session like this.

I’ve helped over 1500 clients with time management and conquering procrastination, and was employed for 3 years at The University of Sydney to run workshops on this topic.


GOODBYE 2016, HELLO 2017



Action Power Hour (1 month)

Time Management Q&A


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When is it on?

Australian Eastern Time (Sydney):

Fri 30 Dec @ 10am-1pm

The equivalent times are:
New Zealand: Fri 30 Dec @ 12-3pm
North America Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver): Thurs Dec 29 @ 5pm-8pm
North America Eastern Time (New York): Thurs Dec 29 @ 8pm-11pm

Check your local times here.

Will there be a replay available in case I can’t make it on the day?

Yes. The videos will be available for you to watch and the chatroom will also be available for 76 hours (3 days ie until 5pm on Monday 2 January, Sydney time).

What does it cost?

The Goodbye Hello webinar costs AU$67. If you have a promocode, use that at the checkout where it says “offer code”.

(To find out the exchange rate of the Australian dollar, click here)

You can pay safely with Paypal or your credit card.

What’s the webinar like?

Unlike many info-based webinars where they tell you “what you should do” but expect you to implement (or finish) it in your own time, Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017 is different.

The webinar will be available for you to watch — with instructions what to do, and a set time to undertake each section.

For the chatroom, we use Slack (if you haven’t heard of Slack yet, well, trust me, it’s the next wave of online communication). It allows us to communicate without the distraction of groups like Facebook.

But unlike a self-study program (where you watch videos in your own time), we’re LIVE in the chatroom. So you have the peer pressure to actually get stuff done. And you’ll be able to read what others work, in case you’re needing an extra kick of motivation.

The chat is live. So you can share your answers and reflections to the group, and have the virtual support. It’s optional, of course, but highly encouraged.

What’s the process like?

During the webinar you’ll create a mindmap to reflect on 2016, and another mindmap to plan for 2017. (If you’re not sure how to mindmap — no worries, everything will be explained). You’ll be able to see my slides on your computer screen, including my own mindmaps of my Reflecting and Planning that you can use for inspiration.

There’ll be plenty of thinking-in-silence time. (This is NOT one of those webinars where the facilitator gives instructions and barely enough time for you to think — let alone write anything — before moving on! And it is definitely NOT a webinar where you get information overload during the call, and then are expected to do the work in your own time. Most of the webinar is spent thinking and writing, with a small amount of time for sharing with the group if you wish).

Who else will be coming?

People who typically come to my webinars are changemakers of all makes and models — entrepreneurs, people who are socially conscious … the list goes on. I’ll let you decide whether you feel this is you 🙂

What if I have another planning method that I really like? Can I use that?

Sure. You can adapt the process as you like. Some people like the accountability provided by this webinar structure.

So if you have a favourite method for reflecting or planning, feel free to adapt that. The only request I have is when sharing in the chatroom that you answer the questions as described (don’t worry, the questions are very broad). We want to stay focused on the content of the year, not on the process of how you got there (so if you’re wanting to promote your own methodology or someone else’s, this isn’t the place).

Mind-mapping your year 

helps you to see the big-picture 

while capturing the details


Who runs Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017?

blue-scarf-1-bw-300x200ishHi, I’m Erin O’Brien. If you haven’t met me yet, I’m the founder of Action Power Hour.

I’ve been running review+planning webinars like Goodbye Hello since 2011, guiding people through a step-by-step process that takes away the guesswork about doing a yearly review.

(If you wonder “What should I do first? How do I capture the most important things? How can I do it efficiently so it doesn’t eat up my entire day?”, I’d love to show you how).

On a personal level, I’ve been regularly doing my own yearly and monthly reviews since 2006 (although, admittedly, sometimes through gritted teeth … I, too, often suffer from the “I’m so busy, I don’t have enough time for this” syndrome! But once it’s done, I shake my head and wonder “Why do I have so much resistance?” I, too, need that positive peer pressure to put my good intentions into practice).

For 3 years, I taught Time Management, Goal Setting and Conquer Procrastination at The University of Sydney.  I’ve helped over 1500 clients get more done with less stress and more fun.




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