In the Spotlight: Gretha Oost

Gretha OostOur first Action Power Hour case study features the full-of-life Gretha Oost from the O Initiative.

As Creative Director of The O Initiative, Gretha is passionate about finding an answer to the question: “Why do we drink so much bottled water?”  

In 2010 she crowdfunded 321 Water, an award-winning water bottle with an innovative filter system. Last year, her new project, O Initiative, won the Australian Water Innovation Award. 

Here I interview her about how Action Power Hour — our online community for taking action — has helped her prepare for the launch of O Initiative in public places. 

Note: The images (below) are screenshots of her posts from Action Power Hour online community, and Gretha  approved 100% of them to be shared publicly. Thanks Gretha!


  1. How long have you been doing Action Power Hour?

I’ve been doing Action Power Hour since July 2016, so that’s almost 5 months!



  1. What are you currently working on?

Soon I will launch a new concept to make drinking tap water in public spaces a positive experience.

The tangible result is the O Fountain (pictured) — it’s  a sculpture, piece of public art as well as a water refilling station.

O Fountain
One of the O Fountains: where art meets public drinking fountain (artwork by Rachel McBride)


  1. What do you use Action Power Hour for?

As the founder and creative director, I’m involved in all aspects from idea to design to making it a reality.

I use Action Power Hour to keep myself accountable including:

  • Writing proposals for councils, property developers, Corporate Social Responsibility managers, art galleries …



  • Committing to make a ‘scary’ phone call



  • Writing boring, tedious procedure manuals from scratch



  • Little things like admin tasks (like BAS statement, and finding a virtual assistant) 



  • Tasks that are either low-priority (or important but that get ignored for a while)example-conquering-procrastinating-bank-australia


  1. What do you appreciate about Action Power Hour?

It’s flexible and allows me to incorporate other time management techniques into Action Power Hour, such as:

  • The Pomodoro Technique: doing 25 minute ‘sprints’ of action at a time. The word ‘pomodoro’ means ‘tomato’ in Italian and refers to the ‘tomato kitchen timer’.  One pomodoro represent 25 minutes of time.
  • Focus at Will: specially selected music to help me focus
Translation: Next 1x “tomato” = Next 1 block of 25 minutes.


  1. When are we most likely to see you in Action Power Hour?

I like to check in first thing in the morning. Action Power Hour is my way to kickstart the day! It’s (almost) as effective as coffee!



Usually from home, but if I’m out and about, I use the app to check-in. During the school holidays, I was working in the park and did a quick check-in from there.



I use Action Power Hour continuously during day. While some people are hard-core (using it to set a dedicated hour for one dedicated task), I tend to dabble (and that’s ok!).

I do hope to start using it in a more hard-core way, meaning setting a dedicated APH time in my calendar for a dedicated task e.g. writing a blog post.

Sample Action Power Hour check-in
In case you were thinking that Action Power Hour happens solo … other people are checking in too …


  1. How has Action Power Hour helped you?

As a creative person I have many things happening all at once!

In this pre-launch stage, my work tends to be quite scattered.

Sketches of the O Fountain
Behind-the-scenes of The O Fountains


Action Power Hour keeps me on track, especially during the boring ‘compliance’ hoops we need to jump through. And it gives me a place to celebrate:



7. What convinced you to join Action Power Hour?

To be honest, I’m usually skeptical of time management tools!

So I signed up to Action Power Hour was in the spirit of ‘Let’s give it a go!’

I haven’t looked back!



  1. What keeps you coming back?

The fact that by simply posting a task, you are 100% more committed to actually doing it. You are holding yourself accountable by publicly posting your intentions.



And I don’t have to be perfect.



It helps me with my positive self-talk.



And I can use it in a way that works for me.



Feel inspired? Take action!  

o_perspective_02-copyTo reach out to Gretha and learn more about the O Initiative:



Email gretha.oost[at]

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