In the spotlight: Action Power Hour member, Keren Natalia


Keren Natalia is the founder of Beyond Latte, a ginger spiced latte mix that gives coffee-lovers a latte experience without the caffeine hit.

On the side, Keren is also a passionate blogger … quite literally. She runs the Sydney Passionate Bloggers meet-up group and also blogs on her personal blog, Passionately Keren.

Here I interview her about how Action Power Hour — our online community for taking action — has helped her prepare for the launch of the Beyond Latte. 

Note: The images (below) are screenshots of her posts from Action Power Hour online community, and Keren approved 100% of them to be shared publicly. Thanks Keren!

  1. How long have you been doing Action Power Hour?

I started in October 2016.



  1. What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently launching a ginger spiced latte called Beyond Latte, which is being sold online and in cafes.



  1. What do you use Action Power Hour for?

I use it to:

  • Complete my MIT (most important task) of the day



  • Write blogposts



  • Get motivation when I’m in the funk



  • Update my sales CRM with cafes who might stock my products



  • Complete my to do list



  • Meditate


  1. What are some wins that Action Power Hour has helped you with?
  • Increased focus and accountability.
  • I recently did the 7 Day Sales Challenge, run by Simple Creative Marketing and Action Power Hour which helped me a lot with my sales goals. Having other people in the Sales Power Hour channel helped me to take action.



  1. Describe a time/situation when Action Power Hour helped you.

There was one time where I had started editing my blogpost. I sat down and set my timer … 

  • Then I noticed a couple of plugins needing updating so I did that.
  • Then I had all this stuff that came to mind (stuff that need fixing),
  • And then I realised I was getting distracted so I thought I’d better stop this.
  • Then I needed to go to the toilet and was feeling hungry so I thought I better go and then get right back into it.
  • Then I went to the toilet and then the kitchen to grab some food.
  • Then as I was heating up my food in microwave I thought, why not photograph this dish for Instagram?
  • The next thing I know, I was decorating my plate and the timer went off – I had forgotten all about my task.

I honestly thought I had ADHD! Then Erin explained to me that this kind of distraction is very normal, and that lots of people (including herself) experience the same, and that Action Power Hour can help me to focus (and gradually improve my concentration skills).


  1. What convinced you to join Action Power Hour?

I’d heard about it, but wasn’t sure it was for me. But I gave it a try for one week and noticed the difference. Even though we’re all working on our own ‘thing’, knowing that everyone is focused and being productive encourage me to do the same. So I’m now converted! 🙂



  1. Did you have any initial resistances to join Action Power Hour? (and have they changed?)

Of course. For me I was already in a Mastermind group, have daily goals and a to-do list. I didn’t think being in an online group — writing what I’m about to do — would increase my productivity. (Plus you have to pay to be in this group). But strangely enough it works.

Keren post


There’s something magical about writing or typing down the thing you wanted to do that gets you moving and actually doing it … because you’ve said you’d do it, so now you have to do it. Since no one is commenting or giving you credit, it’s just you being accountable to your own self.

Keren post


There’s great energy in the chatroom too!



  1. When are we most likely to see you online?

Most weekdays 9am – 3pm.



  1. What keeps you coming back?

Knowing that I could use Action Power Hour to get back on track has helped.

And it’s also good to see others admit to getting distracted too. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

Being around productive high achievers makes me want to be productive and achieve more too.



Feeling inspired? Take action.

To discover more about Keren and Beyond Latte:





Vegan blog

Sydney Passion Bloggers meetup –



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