ep1 How to Get More Sales with Anfernee Chansamooth

“Less Talk. More Action” is a podcast with a twist. Instead of a talkfest, it’s an action-orientated podcast … 

Check out the audio file below. See that big blank space towards the end? That’s 5 minutes of silence where we shut up and you take action!  🙂

This episode is How to Get More Sales with Anfernee Chansamooth from Simple Creative Marketing.

Anf and I are partnering for the upcoming 7 Day Sales Challenge. Listen to the podcast for a 5 minute taste-test of what the 7 Day Challenge will be like. (Warning! It’s action-orientated, not just a talkfest … so grab a pen! It may just be the most productive 5 minutes of your day!)

Oh and if you’re super time-pressed and want just the 5 Min Sales Challenge itself, fast forward the podcast to 4min30 🙂

Want to join the 7 Day Sales Challenge? Sign up here.


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