ep2 How to Create Better Online Learning Experiences with Breanne Dyck

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Breanne Dyck, best-selling author of Beyond Satisfaction. She is an expert at helping people create better online courses, and counts as clients successful entrepreneurs like Tara Gentile, Chris Guillebeau and Natalie Sisson.

Confession: The plan was for this to be an audio interview for my podcast, Less Talk More Action. But I experienced a #techfail with the recording. Since I don’t want to torture any listener’s ears with the bad quality, below is the transcript.

Oh, and there’s a 5 Min Action Challenge as part of this. Make sure you have a pen handy!



Hello and welcome to the Less Talk More Action podcast. My name is Erin O’Brien from Action Power Hour.

breanne-dyck-headshot4Today I’ll be interviewing Breanne Dyck, best-selling author of the book, Beyond Satisfaction: The Secret to Crafting a Profitable Online Course that will Change Lives, which launched recently as #1 business marketing book on Amazon.

Less Talk More Action is a podcast with a twist. Instead of a talkfest, it’s an action-orientated podcast …

So after some rapid-fire interview questions using the Who, What, How, Why, When, Where formula, we will dive into a 5 Minute Action Challenge. So make sure you have a pen handy!



Rapid Fire Questions

Who do you help?

My team and I at MNIB Consulting help online businesses specifically who offer training products.

Most of them are ambitious, for example, making $250,000 this year, but want to make a million dollars in the next 18 months.

What pain points do they come to you for?

As you grow your business, you get to a point where the outside may look great but the inside might be more of a mess:

  • Products need work
  • Team mightn’t be working in the way it should
  • Or you’re just not profitable enough

So we help the owners align their vision with the execution so they can create that world-class learning experience for their customers.

How do you help them? 

We do a lot of consulting. If you’re a fan of Sherlock, we’re like consulting COO’s (Chief Operating Officers).
We have a training program called Elevate.
We’ve also got a book called Beyond Satisfaction.

Why do you love what you do?
I’m sitting here in my office, looking at all my Lego on the bookshelf. I love how seeing how things fit together.

I love how businesses fit together. I love how people learn and to make connections. I love psychology. Anything that involves taking ideas and helping them fit together, and helping those ideas reach more people. That’s what I love.

When can people next get help from you?
Grab a copy of my newly released book, Beyond Satisfaction. Within that book there are a number of guides and resources.

Hop on our mailing list. You can find out when there are new opportunities come up.

Where do we find your book?
Go to www.beyondsatisfactionbook.com or your favourite Amazon store. Just search for Beyond Satisfaction.

The 5 Min Action Challenge

Now it’s time for the 5 Minute Action Challenge. Breanne, do you want to introduce it?

Sure. In my book, I mention there are 2 words that I don’t like: “learn” and “understand”. What do they mean, actually? How do you know if someone has learned or understood something?

Yet, when we write sales pages and create courses, that’s what we end up doing — tell people “what you’ll understand” or “what you’ll learn”.

So I want you to spend 5 minutes reframing that with this brainstorming activity.

Think about your perfect participant. You know, the one you wish you could clone a million times over!

  • What are their goals? Maybe you’ll come up with 3 things.
  • What will it look like when they’re actually achieving that goal? What things will they be doing differently, compared to before?

As an example, let’s say you’re teaching a cooking course, something that couldn’t’ get from a cookbook.

Maybe one of the goals is to get them to cook the perfect steak. What are 3 specific observable things that would show you that they know how to cook the perfect steak. For example:

  • Create the perfect caramelization on the outside of the steak
  • Check by feel whether it’s well-done, medium or rare
  • Set a timer to rest the steak, cover it

In other words, what are the observable things that will prove they can do what you need to do?

OK, so recapping the 5 Minute Challenge:

  1. Who is your perfect participant?
  2. What are 3 of their goals?
  3. What are the observable behaviours that your perfect participant would show?

Set a timer for 5 minutes, pick up your pen.

Breanne and I will be joining in the Challenge ourselves.

Your time starts now!

(Seriously, if you’re reading this now, set a timer 🙂 It may just be the most productive 5 minutes of your day!)

[After the 5 minutes of silent working time during the interview]

OK, 5 minutes is up!

Breanne, how was that exercise for you?

It was great, actually. I did something that I’ve been working on for a while. I haven’t had the time (actually, the truth is I haven’t made the time) so it felt good to go through and look at what those specific the outcomes are. It feels good to have put pen to paper.

Likewise. I got a lot done, and surprised myself too. Thank you for setting the Challenge.

We’re about to finish up now. Before we go, is there anything you’d like to share?
book-front-large-linesIf you found that exercise helpful but didn’t feel like 5 minutes was enough time, or if you struggle to name what is an observable action for a particular guide, there’s a free guide


It will take you through the exercise in a little more depth. It won’t take long but it gives you more context.

If you want more of the 3R’s:

  • Retention
  • Referrals
  • Repeat Buyers

then I recommend the book www.beyondsatisfactionbook.com

Thanks for coming along to Less Talk, More Action podcast, Breanne.


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