ep11 How to Build Unshakable Confidence with Christina Canters

“Less Talk. More Action” is a podcast with a twist. Instead of a talkfest, it’s an action-orientated podcast … 

Check out the audio file above. See that big blank space in the middle? That’s the 5 Minute Action Challenge where we mute ourselves and you take action!  🙂

This episode is How to Get Unshakable Confidence with Christina Canters from the C Method.

If you get nervous when public speaking (or going to a job interview) because you’re worried that others will be judging you, then this 5 Minute Action Challenge will help.

(I found the exercise that Christina does so helpful that I still have the paper stuck on my wall).

Check out more of what Christina offers on her website The C Method including the free 10 Day “Small Talk Made Simple”.

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