Less Talk, More Action is a podcast with a twist.

Instead of being a talk-fest, this podcast is action-oriented.

Yes, that’s right — action!

After some quickfire questions, we move into a 5 Minute Action Challenge where there’s actual silence! (Scroll down to see the proof). This is where you pick up your pen and take action! You never know … the 5 Minute Action Challenge might be the most productive 5 minutes of your day. Click the interviews below to listen.

ep1 How to Get More Sales | Anfernee Chansamooth

ep2 How to Create Better Learning Experiences | Breanne Dyck

ep3 How to Choose The Technology For Your Next Online Course | Ellen Martin

ep4 How to Stress Less in December | Pia Valisalo

ep5 How to Identify Your Spending Triggers | Sarah Li Cain

ep6 How to Get What You Want Without Limitation in 2017 | Terriane Palmer-Peacock

ep7 How to Declutter your Wallet | Julie Corracio

ep8 How to Reduce Anxiety and Get Happier in 5 Minutes | Rocky Detwiler

ep9 How to Create Offerings That Work | Maria Doyle

ep10 How to Stop Emotional Eating | Georgie Beames

ep11 How to Build Unshakable Confidence | Christina Canters


Why is there a big silence?

During the 5 Minute Action Challenge, the guest and I stop talking and you pick up a pen.

A podcast with a decent stretch of silence?! Now that’s something you don’t hear every day!

Check out this screenshot of the audio file.


So, what do you talk about at the start?

Quickfire questions (using Who What How Why When Where formula) so we can get to know the guest … and fast! No rambling, no long-winded answers — just straight to the point.

Who are the guests?

Industry experts who share a gem of their expertise in an easy-to-implement way. Typically they’re ‘edupreneurs’ — coaches, consultants and trainers — who have businesses helping people to create good habits and positive lives.

How is Less Talk, More Talk different to other podcasts?

With other podcasts, it’s normal to feel inspired (if the interview was good) or bored (if the interview wasn’t). Either way, you normally arrive at the end of the podcast with nothing but ideas and feel-good factor.

With the Less Talk, More Action you’ll actually have something tangible in your hands.

Whether that involves a brainstormed list of names, or a mindmap, or some research, the 5 Minute Action Challenge means you’ve taken some visible action that day.

Less Talk. More Action.