Erin O'BrienMy name is Erin O’Brien.

In the past 7 years, I’ve helped over 900 people get more done with less stress.

The University of Sydney employed me to run their Time Management workshops between 2009-2011.

In the years since, I’ve coached hundreds of individuals in the small business, NGO, government and corporate sectors here in Australia, as well as from 11 other countries.

Action Power Hour is the ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’ for me — both professionally and personally.


Professionally, my workshops rocked (but I wasn’t satisfied)

When teaching at the uni, I got ridiculously high evaluation rates.

99.7% said that my teaching style was highly effective (which was both flattering and affirming). Qualitatively, they said things like:

“Very useful tips! Brilliant teacher! Great interaction skills!”

> “Great practical examples. Tailored it to the group.”

> “I enjoyed it. I’ve had classes all day but I knew I had Erin in the afternoon so knew it would be ok! I didn’t feel sleepy and even managed to concentrate for the whole class!”

> “Definitely appreciate the effort and enthusiasm and extent of knowledge possessed.”

And my favourite:

> “Erin is a clear and concise presenter, sprinkled with friendliness.”

… But I wasn’t satisfied

Don’t get me wrong. I loved teaching those classes. I used my brain to find the best tips and strategies and poured my heart and soul into interacting with the students, and really listening to them.

As they left the classroom, clutching the handouts and planners, with a bounce in their step and a renewed confidence, I felt my heart sink.

You see, I wasn’t so optimistic.

I knew that, left to their own devices, only a tiny percentage of those students would implement the fabulous advice.

The advice itself wasn’t to blame. Nor was the delivery method.

It was the follow-up (or lack thereof) that worried me.

The best strategies in the world are worth zilch unless they’re implemented.

A 2 hour workshop won’t change long-held habits.


On the personal front … (we teach most what we need to learn, right?)

Despite all my ‘expertise’ and ‘experience’ with time management, I confess that I’m no whiz. I still struggle from time to time.

The reason students related so well to me? It’s because I was in the same boat, just a little further up-river.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m much better than in the past. Gone are the frantic phonecalls to my mum, feeling stressed out about an upcoming deadline or angry at myself for not making progress.

But I still procrastinate. Sometimes I catch myself faffing around because I’m feeling overwhelmed. Or my perfectionism creeps back in from time to time (and I spend waaaay too long on one task).

But now I have tools and strategies to help me.


And the #1 favourite tool I’ve found?

If I catch myself procrastinating, I type into the Action Power Hour chatbox:
“I’m avoiding making my phonecall. Feeling overwhelmed. Next 15 mins: search for phone number and scribble down what to say.”

Or if I’m falling into perfectionism, I type into the chatbox:
“Spent too much time on this task. Next 15 mins: finish off the graphics. 80% out the door is better than 100% in the drawer”.

Yes, I use Action Power Hour every day. And my life (and to-do list) is better for it!


Confession: I created Action Power Hour for selfish reasons

I noticed I needed something to kickstart to my day … so I created Daily Action Power Hour.

I kept procrastinating on my tax return … so I created Tax Return Power Hour (aka Tax Return Party).

My emails kept building up … so I created Inbox Power Hour (aka Inbox Gym).

I would put off doing my finances … so I created Finance Power Hour (aka Let’s Get Financial).


But I’m not the only one …

Action Power Hour is the community I’ve always needed (but didn’t know it until I experienced it).

And since I figured that I wasn’t the only one struggling, I’m reaching out to others to join me!

After years of slogging it out on my own, I’m learning (delightfully) that it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Action Power Hour community is the highlight of my day.

  • Seeing others taking action spurs me on.
  • Reading their wins makes me happy inside.
  • Seeing my own progress, from procrastination to action, gives me an unshakable sense of dignity.
  • Action Power Hour has given me positive self-talk.
  • And a sense of community.