60 mins to get the important stuff done

About Action Power Hour

💬 Motto: Less Talk, More Action

🌏 Vision: A world without procrastination

🎯 Mission: 1 million Power Hours by 2025

👆🏽we’re currently 1.033% towards our target!

Harness the power of

positive peer pressure:

You don't have to conquer

procrastination on your own.


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If you notice yourself procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed, a “Power Hour” can get you on track.

Harnass the power of positive peer pressure to take action in a supportive environment.

Power Hours

(online co-working space)

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(100% actionable)

Need to take action ... but don’t know where to start?

Access a range of actionable templates, many of which can be completed within 60 minute sprints.

Action is the magic word

Origin story

Hi, I’m Erin! 👋🏻 I created Action Power Hour back in 2011, when I was teaching "Conquering Procrastination" workshops at a well-known university. Despite rave reviews from participants at the end of each workshop, I realised something was missing ...


The best tips and time management tools don't work unless they're put into action.

So I created online co-working sessions based on positive peer pressure, allowing people to experience the power of accountability. Over 45,000 actions have been committed and achieved in the past decade.

I also create Notion templates (I'm a Notion Ambassador). These templates are based on my work as a professional facilitator and Organisational Development Specialist with over 30,000 hours of experience.

80% out the door

is better than

100% in the drawer

(in other words, better done than perfect)


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